Dental Health and Weight Loss

Dental Health and Weight Loss

Did you know that weight loss can also promote a healthy mouth and smile? Even so, it is important that you still get enough vitamins and nutrients for oral health, as a diet low in fat can also be low in essential nutrients and vitamins for your teeth.

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Even if you visit your dentist Hurst, TX frequently or as scheduled, it’s still up to you to take good care of your teeth between appointments. Keep reading to learn a few things you need to either know or remember during those six months between your dental visits.

Most dentists recommend soft-bristled brushes. Also, let your toothbrush air-dry after using it, so you can prevent the spread and growth of bacteria. Store your brush standing up so it won’t be touching anything while air is free to circulate around it.

The way that you hold your toothbrush can prove critical to using it properly. The correct way to go about brushing your teeth is holding the toothbrush at a rather small angle when up against your teeth. Also, use circular motions when moving the brush. Don’t brush using too much force, or you might irritate your gums.

Fluoride supplements can be a crucial part of your teeth and their health. If you have any gum sensitivity or you struggle with keeping your teeth white, then fluoride can be very helpful. On the other hand, too much might put some yellow spots on your teeth, so find the right balance.

Also brush your tongue. Food that stays on the tongue can let bacteria form. This bacteria might cause bad breath and cavities.

Always read the labels on toothpaste before you buy them. It’s crucial that you choose toothpaste that has the aforementioned fluoride. A good toothpaste might even have tooth-whitening abrasives. On the other hand, you might not want too many of these if your gums are highly sensitive.

If an impact causes a tooth to come out, do not throw it away. Rinse it off with water, but don’t remove any tissue attached to it. If you can, insert it back into your mouth. If you can’t, soak it in milk and contact a dentist as soon as you can.

If you eat or drink things that are very acidic, then you shouldn’t brush your teeth in the first hour afterwards. Acid will soften the enamel of your teeth, and that will erode them.

Your Hurst, TX dentist wants your smile to be big and beautiful, since everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas. Use these tips to help your teeth stay white and healthy on the many days you don’t see your dentist. You’ll be glad you did.