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Our medical team is here to help you to reach your weight loss goal. At Oceanview, we will develop a relationship with you based on your needs and desires. Our individualized program is based on finding and focusing on each patient’s core strengths, and applying those strengths to their treatment plan. Our patients obtain not only reduced weight, but better understanding and ability to put their new knowledge into practice. We use adult learning theory and principles in all stages of this program. Each patient sets his or her own pace, with all patients eventually learning and applying the most correct and up-to-date methods of weight loss.

Oceanview Weight Loss Medical is different from other weight loss programs. We begin from the perspective that the patient is creative, resourceful and whole. We start with the premise that the patients are experts on their own lives. From there, we assist patients in deepening their awareness, learning new methods, improving performance and enhancing their quality of life. We don’t attempt to fix past problems; instead, we focus on our patients’ strengths. We focus on the present. Some examples are providing new information about healthy eating, physical activity, physical signs of hunger and satiety, and dealing with internal and external eating triggers.

Our team is composed of Nurse Practitioners and MD’s, supported by friendly, helpful office staff. New patients can call us between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday.

If a NP or MD is unavailable to answer the call, our office staff will take a message and the call will be returned within the hour. If you leave a message over the weekend you will receive a call back the following Monday morning. All other messages are responded to within 24 hours.

Once your program is complete, you can call for discounted program extension. We are available to answer your questions, and if you prefer, will make frequent phone call appointments to discuss your progress.

Lab review is an essential portion of our admitting process. We analyze blood tests specifically for you and from your history. Overall, we will be looking for physical issues that might have caused you to retain weight. Our physicians will not approve patients with hormonal/endocrine conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Disease,  cancer, severe anemia, and poorly controlled thyroid issues.

Patients who have undergone weight loss therapy have reported help with blood pressure and diabetes mellitus issues; better sleep patterns, increased energy, enhanced libido and ultimately more health awareness. These effects can be further enhanced by the addition of a good weight loss coffee to the diet.

Oceanview Weight Loss Medical utilizes the EPIC process for health and wellness:

  • E is for evaluation of you the patient
  • P is for partnering with you
  • I is for informing
  • C is for coaching.

Our educational system is based on adult learning theory, and our patients love it. You can select the method of learning you desire! You can have phone meetings with the coaches, you can read, you can fill out graphs, you can use apps on your phone, and you can view Powerpoint® presentations. All of the information dovetails together, so that you will not receive conflicting information.

At Oceanview Weight Loss Medical we care about you and your success, as well as your needs. If you want what you’ve never had, do what you’ve never done! Let’s begin this journey together.