Get Started Losing Weight

You may be worried about admitting that you need help losing weight. Don’t let that keep you from getting started. You will find that at Oceanview, our helpful, knowledgeable medical staff is committed to supporting you through your weight loss journey.

You will receive detailed information about what to expect from Oceanview and from the diet programs we use. You will learn how different diets work, the history of diets, and how a doctor-administered weight loss plan like ours differs from other options available.

You can be sure that once you are approved for the program, you will meet with either a doctor or nurse practitioner weekly for counseling, weighing and measurements to track your success.

From your first consult to your final results, we will be with you every step of the way, listening carefully to your needs. We may even call to see how you are doing during the early days of the official diet.

If you’re waiting for a program that will provide you all the support and information you need, along with caring guidance, don’t wait any longer. Get started today!